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The ValueVisualizer® is an interactive web-app that visualizes investment value for products and services. Alpaxa creates customized digital solutions to visualize product values that are difficult to calculate, enabling your sales team to qualify product values more effectively.

Our core team has decades of experience showing how industry investments will pay off. We come from backgrounds in product launch management, global leadership, technical sales and computer engineering.

A changing marketplace

Transforming the traditional sales process with digital commerce.







Use the ValueVisualizer to customize your B2B sales solution.

Companies need to rethink their business value proposition for their customers, re-assess which products and services can best deliver on that value proposition, and change how they communicate those values.

How can ValueVisualizer help?

Remote working

Sales teams are going to have to adopt a different approach when selling to a remote audience.

ValueVisualizer can be used remotely – an online platform means saving travel costs, quicker to calculate different scenarios and facilitating direct interaction with your customers.

Different scenarios

The tools you’ll need to present your product values are transforming. Without a face-to-face audience to engage with, sales will need to be able to visualize complex value selling calculations.

Customers will look for more interactivity, where they can work on and assess different scenarios in their own time and space.

Any device

The B2B buying process has become far more complex than it has ever been.

So, to transform the traditional approach to selling and gain ground digitally it’s important to adopt a “customer focused” mindset, able to show complex product value calculations across direct and indirect channels.

Dynamic & interactive

The reality is that a B2B sales prospect will find you when they’re good and ready; no matter how much effort you put into chasing them.

So, its important to make sure you are easy to work with, and that you can visualize your value selling proposition in a way that a remote audience can understand and interact with.

Value selling

Focus on value rather than price by visualizing complex industrial processes, prepare financial value calculations and display on an app integrated into your digital sales process.

Companies that excel in creating a seamless omni-channel experience will be in a good position to reap the rewards through digital transformation.

Making comparisons

Looking at the tools available to most salespeople they are outdated, paper-based and static.

Today’s digital savvy B2B buyer is looking for the opportunity to be interactive, for ways to transparently compare a multitude of technical solutions and competitor products.

ValueVisualizer Features

True value-based selling

Empower your sales team and support them with a complete and customizable web-based toolkit.

B2B buyer behavior and attitudes continue to change, so your sales strategy needs to adapt.

That means re-looking at a new digital approach to remote selling because previous assumptions and processes may no longer apply.

Bring your spreadsheets to life

Taking your existing spreadsheets or data sources and turning them into interactive calculators.

We can also create them from scratch, partnering with you to define and build a value selling proposal. We develop all required algorithms and logic, working closely with your staff to ensure the calculator meets your needs.

Intuitive and interactive value-apps

Our calculators are easy to use. You can set input data intuitively via interactive sliders and buttons.

Adjust values and review different scenarios in real time and view results as a visualization of figures, charts, and dynamic diagrams.

Web-based, stand-alone, or app

We program our calculators in HTML-5 and JavaScript for maximum flexibility and sustainability.

They can be embedded in a website or as an offline browser-readable file and can connect to other web applications and data sources. Calculators can also be programmed as a smart phone app.

Dynamic process diagrams

Some calculations have changing component configurations.

We can visualize these processes with diagrams that are dynamic and responsive. Changing depending on input values or calculated results. See how changing the ROI or TCO variables affect each component.

Works on any screen

All of our calculators are designed to be web-responsive.

That means our value-apps look good on a mobile, tablet, computer screen, or even when projected.

Completely customizable

Your calculator should meet your unique requirements.

That’s why we customize parameters and desired interactivity to meet your needs. We can also customize the look and feel of the calculator to match your company branding.

Alfa Laval and ValueVisualizer

We’ve worked with the Alfa Laval Group, a world leader in customer process optimisation, to develop several ValueVisualizer® apps for the marine industry.

We recently completed a ValueVisualizer® that calculates costs for the complete Fuel Line system, based on the end customer’s conditions.

It also contains technical performance simulations, isometric 3D visualizations and interactive animation.

The 1-2-3 Step Process


Together with our clients we define what values require calculating, for example the ROI, TCO or LCC comparisons for the product or service under different conditions and scenarios.


Together with our clients we define what values require calculating, for example the ROI, TCO or LCC comparisons for the product or service under different conditions and scenarios.


Together with our clients we define what values require calculating, for example the ROI, TCO or LCC comparisons for the product or service under different conditions and scenarios.

An FAQ on the ValueVisualizer

Let’s answer your questions.

My products are very complicated and unique. What makes you qualified to help?

Apart from being an app-developing company we can also help our clients on a consultancy basis with the information gathering to build the app’s financial model. The information gathering phase helps reorient the thinking to focus on the customer perspective, and we can work shop with you and your team during this step.

What technology do you use?

We use the latest HTML5 visual web technology, along with the excel modelling of technical + financial processes. The result is a flexible and interactive web interface that can be integrated into your current digital environment.

What’s the process like?

We either start by taking your current excel-model or develop one for you. Then we modify it, adding the necessary finance algorithms and diagram data. We build the web interface and add the required controls, transforming the numbers into an interactive visual interface. We know that branding is essential, so we apply company’s visual style, fonts and colours.

How long does it take to complete a project?

Typically, a project takes 1-3 months, depending on complexity and what is already available. We can work with you to expedite timelines if necessary.

Who have you done this before?

We have developed a number of value apps for the Alfa Laval Group. Please contact us for further references.

How can I get more information?

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