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Let ValueVisualizer® communicate your products true value



The ValueVisualizer® is an interactive value-app that sales can use to visualize the investment value for products and services tailored for your B2B sales journey.
A customized interactive sales solution, that can be used in-person, remotely and on any device.

B2B customers demand a B2C buying experience.

Alpaxa value-apps are interactive, web-based, value calculations, and customer simulation models.

A big shift in the B2B buyer behavior.

Organizations must reinvent and transform digitally how they sell and communicate with their target audience.

ValueVisualizer is a sales enabler.

A faster sales cycle can become your competitive advantage.

Use the ValueVisualizer® as your B2B sales enablement tool

By allowing your customer to calculate the benefits of a given offer clearly, the relationship is reinforced as a true partnership, building trust through transparency in the B2B sales journey.

ValueVisualizer® Benefits

Show how your product or service has a better Return on investment (ROI) and visualize your product and service values using the ValueVisualizer® in B2B sales.


Easily calculate the Return On Investment (ROI).

Help customers instantly visualize investment value.

Calculate and compare the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

Show customers the big picture benefits of your product or system of TCO and Life Cycle Cost (LCC).

Visualize complex internal calculations.

Easily calculate and display your own value app calculator that your customers can use.

Shorten the sales cycle.

Increase deal velocity by engaging high-level stakeholders in sales conversations sooner.

Visualize processes.

Visualize complex industrial processes using the Alpaxa 3D system animation.

Keeping customers satisfied.

Maintain buyer satisfaction by being able to show post-sales ROI and LCC.

ValueVisualizer® Features

Don’t be left behind as buyers transform today’s B2B sales journey.

Changes in buyer behavior require a business to adapt their approach to targeting a buyers’ specific needs and preferences.

Sales needs to adopt a buyer-centric approach selling their products and services in a way that a customer wants to buy, using product and financial values (ROI calculation, TCO/LCC comparisons, etc. ) to support their proposition.

According to a SiriusDecisions Study on B2B Buyer Behaviour – “Up to 67 per cent of the buyer’s journey now occurs digitally, shortening the actual time for sales engagement.”

Bring your spreadsheets to life

Help customers instantly visualize investment value.

Intuitive and interactive value-apps

Show customers the big picture benefits of your product or system of TCO and Life Cycle Cost (LCC).

Works on any screen

All of our calculators are designed to be web-responsive and work on any device.

Web-based, stand-alone, or app

We program our calculators in HTML-5 and JavaScript for maximum flexibility.

Dynamic and responsive process diagrams

Some calculations have changing component configurations, and we can visualize these processes with dynamic diagrams.

Completely customizable

We customize parameters and desired interactivity for your calculator.

The ValueVisualizer®

Stay relevant in today’s dynamic digital marketplace.

In the face of rapid and dramatic changes in B2B buying behavior, organizations must reinvent how they sell to restore and reinforce their value to buyers.

Today, it’s much more difficult for the B2B sector to get the attention of their target audience, which translates into weaker revenue streams and a higher cost of sales and customer acquisition.

Gone are the days of the traditional ways of developing face-to-face relationships, to be replaced by the “new normal” a wholly new way of showing the value along the B2B sales journey.


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