Alpaxa –
Your value-partner

We’re reshaping the digital B2B sales experience. Our vision is to be a leading company in value selling and contribute to more fact based business deals.

Our story

Our core team has decades of experience showing how complex industry investments will pay off. Working for and in collaboration with major Swedish and international companies, we have developed ValueVisualizer®, a digital sales enablement tool that transforms today’s B2B buying experience. 

Our skills

With an extensive background in industry sales, the team at Alpaxa have a comprehensive understanding of business needs and the complexities of the B2B sales process. Alpaxa can help you present your value selling message more effectively to your customers, we have extensive industry knowledge and years of sales experience. 

The team

We come from different backgrounds in product launch management, global leadership, technical sales and computer engineering. Ready for any project, we’ve got on-demand resources for user experience, web development and special feature production. Alpaxa is situated in Stockholm, Sweden

Our expertise

 Experience in product and financial value calculations.

● Expertise in developing calculation models from scratch or by incorporating existing work.

● Software developers who are specialized in advanced web app development.

● Industry background in sales and product management.

● Developed our own 3D system animation (isometric 3D) for dynamic system or process diagrams. Where the system layout can be changed via input controls for animated flow, process data, etc.