ValueVisualizer® and value selling

Transforming to a value selling B2B sales culture resolves potential customer issues. Customers buy your value, because they anticipate realising results that your product will give them. Value selling simplifies the purchasing process by showing customers what they gain: financial worth and an improved bottom line.

Easily calculate the Return On Investment.

Help customers instantly visualize investment value.

Calculate and compare the Total Cost of Ownership.

Show customers the big picture benefits of your product or system.

Use visuals to help make internal calculations.

Unite internal teams and help them make decision more easily with an LCC that they can compare.


Value Selling Products

True value-based selling

Empower your sales team and support them with a complete and customizable web-based toolkit.

B2B buyer behavior and attitudes continue to change, so your sales strategy needs to adapt.

That means re-looking at a new digital approach to remote selling because previous assumptions and processes may no longer apply.

Alfa Laval and the ValueVisualizer®

We’ve worked with the Alfa Laval Group, a world leader in customer process optimisation, to develop several ValueVisualizer® apps for the marine industry.

We recently completed a ValueVisualizer® that calculates costs for the complete Fuel Line system, based on the end customer’s conditions.

It also contains technical performance simulations, isometric 3D visualizations and interactive animation.

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