PureBallast Compliance Navigator

2021-03-14 john@kennedy.marketing

Alfa Laval PureBallast Compliance Navigator, outlook for 2021.

Alfa Laval’s PureBallast Compliance Navigator (based on the Alpaxa’s ValueVisualizer® digital platform) makes the news in “The Motorship”.

Compliance Navigator

What does the Compliance Navigator do?

Define your vessel and trade route

Alfa Laval set up an online portal Compliance Navigator to guide customers through the key parameters and decisions in selecting a ballast water treatment system.

The tool helps:

  • Find and understand key criteria
  • Identify a system to meet your requirements
  • Explore an Alfa Laval PureBallast 3 solution in detail
  • Evaluate the importance of service and support

The Compliance Navigator data sources allows ship owners to compare the operational requirements of their fleet, by comparing a vessels’ route planning with the characteristics of the waters they are passing through. This allows ship owners to compare any hold time, salinity, temperature or UVT limitations based on their operational profiles.

Explore and refine your potential solution


Working with Compliance Navigator is easy. If you are interested to know more you can find the tool and get started directly at pureballast-compliancenavigator.com

Alfa Laval Compliance Navigator

Alfa Laval

Alpaxa have worked with the Alfa Laval Group on a number of projects. They are a world leader in customer process optimisation and we have helped them to develop several ValueVisualizer apps targeting the marine industry.


The ValueVisualizer is an interactive web solution that visualizes investment value for products and services. At Alpaxa we create customized digital solutions to visualize product values that may be for a sales team difficult to calculate, our applications makes it easy to qualify product values more effectively.

If you want to hear more about ValueVisualizer or learn how we can help you re-invent how to work remotely with complex value calculations, don’t hesitate to book a Free Consultation: mail@alpaxa.com


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