Frequently Asked Questions

Apart from being an app-developing company we can also help our clients on a consultancy basis with the information gathering to build the app’s financial model. The information gathering phase helps reorient the thinking to focus on the customer perspective, and we can workshop with you and your team during this step.

We use the latest HTML5 visual web technology, along with the excel modelling of technical + financial processes. The result is a flexible and interactive web interface that can be integrated into your current digital environment.

We either start by taking your current excel-model or develop one for you. Then we modify it, adding the necessary finance algorithms and diagram data. We build the web interface and add the required controls, transforming the numbers into an interactive visual interface. We know that branding is essential, so we apply company’s visual style, fonts and colours.

Typically, a project takes 1-3 months, depending on complexity and what is already available. We can work with you to expedite timelines if necessary.

We have developed value apps for a variety of different requirements. Please contact us for references.

You can contact us via our Contact page, and we will tell you more.